Thank You Soldiers

Have you ever stopped and wondered how a U.S. soldier feels when serving his/her country over the holidays in a foreign country?

I could probably create a rather long list, but instead I want to take a moment to show my gratitude!  I have never served in the U.S. Military, but I have family and friends that did and or are serving today.  This has weighed heavily on my mind lately.

For everyday that I wake up and enjoy my warm coffee in the comfort of my home…
Our service men/women may not have went to sleep and if they did, their comfort was compromised.

While I earn a living in a safe environment…
They proudly and honorably risk their lives daily to earn a buck.

I can hug, talk and be a part of my loved ones daily lives…
They hold tight to pictures and letters and occasional phone calls.

While I have so much more comparison that I could do; I simply want to remind everyone of all our Heroes.  This holiday season, please express your thanks by sending cards and letters to our U.S. Military.

Holiday Mail For Heros


Life Passions

Since I am a newbie to the world of  blogging, I am sharing my Life Passions for starters.


My family is my entire world and without them,  life would not have meaning.  My family consists of my husband and 5 beautiful children.  I have a rather LARGE family, but I like it that way.  Never a dull moment that’s for sure.  If I had a quarter for every special moment we have shared I would be a millionaire.  In fact, being a mother has taught me most of my life lessons.  Growth appears every day.  Learning from each other is our foundation of love.  We don’t always agree but we always leave a little room for compromise.  Watching my children grow emotionally, physically and educationally has set my life in full motion with gear switching at a moments notice.  I would not change any aspect of my family, they are perfect just the way they are!   


In my opinion, success is more than making a dollar or two.  Loving what you do is the key ingredient.  The intentions and heart behind the earned dollar(s) is what makes you or breaks you.  Every day that I wake up, I thank God for the path he has already planned.  If I have not been able to touch someone else’s life in a positive way, then my day was not productive.  Simply sharing a smile and a kind word can do wonders.  Where I started is not where I want to end.  I set goals and make plans each day, small and large.  My building blocks for success are simple, yet ever-changing as the world changes,  including doses of wisdom.  To sum it up, earning a dollar and living your dream at the same time is my success.

The Wisdom Of Insecurities – Lolly Daskal | Lolly Daskal

As I was scanning the web, I found this!  Lolly Daskal has some excellent inspiration, thank you for sharing Lolly Daskal.  Please see the link below.

The Wisdom Of Insecurities – Lolly Daskal | Lolly Daskal.