Thank You Soldiers

Have you ever stopped and wondered how a U.S. soldier feels when serving his/her country over the holidays in a foreign country?

I could probably create a rather long list, but instead I want to take a moment to show my gratitude!  I have never served in the U.S. Military, but I have family and friends that did and or are serving today.  This has weighed heavily on my mind lately.

For everyday that I wake up and enjoy my warm coffee in the comfort of my home…
Our service men/women may not have went to sleep and if they did, their comfort was compromised.

While I earn a living in a safe environment…
They proudly and honorably risk their lives daily to earn a buck.

I can hug, talk and be a part of my loved ones daily lives…
They hold tight to pictures and letters and occasional phone calls.

While I have so much more comparison that I could do; I simply want to remind everyone of all our Heroes.  This holiday season, please express your thanks by sending cards and letters to our U.S. Military.

Holiday Mail For Heros