Life Passions

Since I am a newbie to the world of  blogging, I am sharing my Life Passions for starters.


My family is my entire world and without them,  life would not have meaning.  My family consists of my husband and 5 beautiful children.  I have a rather LARGE family, but I like it that way.  Never a dull moment that’s for sure.  If I had a quarter for every special moment we have shared I would be a millionaire.  In fact, being a mother has taught me most of my life lessons.  Growth appears every day.  Learning from each other is our foundation of love.  We don’t always agree but we always leave a little room for compromise.  Watching my children grow emotionally, physically and educationally has set my life in full motion with gear switching at a moments notice.  I would not change any aspect of my family, they are perfect just the way they are!   


In my opinion, success is more than making a dollar or two.  Loving what you do is the key ingredient.  The intentions and heart behind the earned dollar(s) is what makes you or breaks you.  Every day that I wake up, I thank God for the path he has already planned.  If I have not been able to touch someone else’s life in a positive way, then my day was not productive.  Simply sharing a smile and a kind word can do wonders.  Where I started is not where I want to end.  I set goals and make plans each day, small and large.  My building blocks for success are simple, yet ever-changing as the world changes,  including doses of wisdom.  To sum it up, earning a dollar and living your dream at the same time is my success.